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Rotten Butter

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Fresh Willow Maid Butter

Fresh Willow Maid Butter

My father never liked butter. He said his American farm-cook mother had served rancid butter as a cost-cutting measure. I think, perhaps, serving rotten butter was just a reflection of my grandmother’s lack of skill in the kitchen. The only thing she whipped up that didn’t make me sick was packaged Hidden Valley Ranch salad dressing.

In England, everyone’s favorite living Sex Pistol, Johnny Rotten, is mock-celebrating the U.K.’s history and butter: watch his telly commercial on YouTube (Rotten sells Country Life).

If Rotten’s butter sell-out leaves you craving a pat of real anarky, check out the recipes at F*#k Corporate Groceries and Punk Rock Kitchen‘s kick-ass cookie cutters! And steer clear of the Food Network — where the programming has turned into a rancid pablam according to True/Slant’s Matthew Greenberg.


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  1. Calling all fans of Punk!

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    About the Filmmaker: Danny Plotnick roared into the underground film world in the 1980s. Fueled by his love of punk and alternative culture and infected with d.i.y spirit, he started making films that captured a similarly snarly attitude. His films straddle the line between high-brow and low-brow art. His work has screened from the MOMA in NYC to mortuaries in Baltimore to the Independent FIlm Channel. Plotnick trail blazed a path for the underground film world that exploded in the 90s, a scene that would ultimately champion his work. Plotnick was also a fierce advocate for super 8 filmmaking and made work that stands tall regardless of format.

    “Skate Witches” is also available on the DVD, “Warts and All,” films by Danny Plotnik. To view a trailer of the dvd please visit:

    Rock On!!! Skate On!!!

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