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Just Like You Remember!

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Just Like Mom Used to Buy

Just Like Mom Used to Buy

Laura Scudder’s has jumped on the retro-food packaging bandwagon with the release of its new “Classic Twin Pack.” The California-based snack food company is also offering a vintage TV commercial on their web site.

This follows earlier retro successes from companies including General Mills (Retro Cereal Boxes), Coke, Pepsi and Hershey’s. New retro-inspired summer offerings are available at Target.

Industry sources claim the retro trend stems from consumer desire to be rid of “the excesses witnessed in communication over the past two decades” (source: Board Bia).

TheDieline adds that these “retro designs are aimed at adults” who appreciate “the aesthetics of yesteryear.”

These design-appreciating adults also run web sites like The Imaginary World and post images to Flickr: check out the fun food-related packaging sets created by Waffle Whiffer and Roadsidepictures.


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  1. Cool post. I especially loved the retro vid of the kid – shockingly he’s not annoying! And the announcer sounds like Brian from Family Guy. That’s a nice plus.


    June 17, 2009 at 1:58 pm

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