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In-N-Out Burger Wins Zagat Survey

In-N-Out Burger Wins Zagat Survey

Fast food sales are soaring along with the unemployment rate.

Even Zagat, where the focus was formerly on upscale establishments like Per Se, has released a Fast-Food Survey.  (Unsurprisingly, In-N-Out Burger tops the “Best of” list.)

With all that money flowing into Ronald McDonald’s bank account, it is interesting to see that things are not entirely well in the world of fast food. Customers are angry and the competition is getting downright nasty.

Free Meals Ain’t Gonna Work

In Minnesota, Ariel Wade is “madder than fish grease” after a White Castle burger stand refused to serve her at the drive-thru window. Ms. Wade drives an electric mobility scooter and she’s planning to sue the chain for discrimination.

El Carne Loco

In California, the 418-unit Costa Mesa-based El Pollo Loco chain is at war with the big guy: Colonel Sanders. The Colonel’s global business recently launched a new “grilled” “chicken” offering that threatened El Pollo Loco’s business and turns out to be partly made of rendered beef fat and beef powder. As El Pollo asks in its new commercial, “how the heck do you get beef powder?


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