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Goodbye Roach Coach, Hello VendrTV!

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Nuevo Mexico, Portland

Nighttime in Downtown Portland, Oregon

Gone are the days when break time begins with shouts of “here comes the roach coach!”

Today, the phenomenon of mobile canteens — serving upscale cuisine — is as hot as a habanero pepper.

At VendrTV you can watch podcasts devoted to “curbside cuisine,” and there’s even a yearly awards ceremony for New York City’s best street food: The Vendys.

In Seattle, mobile Skillet Street Food renders bacon with spices and onion to make the bacon jam topping their burgers and “grilled cheese sammys.”

In Portland, this lunch wagon-friendly city has entire parking lots devoted to old vans and trailers kitted out with tiny kitchens dispensing everything from Peruvian rice plates to Czech dumplings.

In San Francisco, the Mission District’s beloved mobile taco trucks have been rolling along for years. However, police and health department officials are now cracking down on other food vendors who attempt to operate without the proper permits. (Discover where these pirate food vendors will be serving zuchini-mozzarella quiche and Crème Brulee by following their Twitter posts.)

In Los Angeles, sadly, taco truck vendors are battling officials over increasingly tight parking restrictions. Things have gotten so heated that a taco truck was fire bombed and the equipment of a woman selling bacon wrapped hot dogs was trashed.

You can show your support for L.A.’s mobile food vendors by visiting Save Our Taco Trucks and buying a T-shirt bearing the manifesto: Carne Asada is Not a Crime!

UPDATE: Listen to a Pirate Cat Radio interview with San Francisco street food vendors at: (Warning: you’ll have to listen to some “colorful” language and music before the interview gets going… )


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  1. Hi Kate!
    Thanks so much for the post! It was well written and on point!

    Just wanted to let you know we spell the name of the show a bit differently… instead of we write it VendrTV.

    Thanks so much for your support. I hope you enjoy it.

    If you ever need me, feel free to email.


    Daniel Delaney

    June 13, 2009 at 7:56 pm

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