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San Francisco's High Fashion "I Dream of Cake" Shop

High Fashion at I Dream of Cake

As I’m researching the history of women writers in the kitchen, I’m noticing a few references to fashion.

For example, the first cookery book printed in America (in 1742) was “The Compleat Houfewife” written by an English woman named Eliza Smith. Ms. Smith published the book with only the initials E.S., but she did identify herself as “a woman constantly employed [by] fashionable…families.”

Fashion and food are still in style.

Take, for instance, San Francisco’s sweet shop I Dream of Cake. In this tiny North Beach store front, cake artist Shinmin Li creates edible sculptures inspired by the handbag designs of fashion houses like Louis Vuitton.

For high tea at London’s Berkeley Hotel, pastry chef Mourad Khiat is recreating the super sexy high heels of Christian Louboutin.

Let’s hope these talented pastry artists can move beyond the realm of accessories. I’d love to be able to shop for the latest sportswear without having to worry about whether or not my designer of choice sells size 18.


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