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Cows With Jet Packs! Eric Schlosser on Bizarre Science-Fiction Factory Farms

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Fly Me to the MooN

Fly Me to the MooN

Author Eric Schlosser recently appeared on Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report to pitch the new documentary Food, Inc. (Schlosser, one of the film’s interview subjects, is best known for his book Fast Food Nation.)

Food, Inc.’s press kit notes “the filmmakers expose the highly mechanized, Orwellian underbelly [of modern farming] that’s been deliberately hidden from the American consumer.”

Speaking with funnyman Stephen Colbert, Schlosser calls this “bizarre science-fiction factory farming.” Colbert’s retort? He asks if Schlosser is “talking about cows with jet packs on?”

Oddly enough, Mr. Colbert is not the first person to think about such things: Back in 2006, Artist Michael Bingham’s flying cow sculpture was on display in Salt Lake City…


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