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Anthony Bourdain speaking in Cupertino, May 28th, 2009

Anthony Bourdain speaking in Cupertino

Yes, boys and girls, he is just as handsome in the flesh. He swaggers across the stage like Captain Jack Sparrow and sprinkles references to his role models as easily as potato peelings on the kitchen floor. He’s the Keith Richards of the dining room: he should have dropped dead long ago, but thanks to Lipitor, he’s still rockin’ & rollin’.

What’s the glam rock god of food TV thinking about these days? Tony is pissed off at Alice Waters (and, of course, Rachel Ray) and he’s thinking we’ve all started to “fetishize” those organic/sustainable/pristine ingredients Waters is championing.

Just take a look back at Jacques Pépin’s life (as Tony suggests). Pépin’s autobiography (The Apprentice) recalls childhood days cooking with his mother and using ingredients the market stalls couldn’t sell to the more well-off. The beat up goods Jacques bought home for mum were inexpensive and old and it took skill to stew that dubious junk into something memorable. Yet great dishes, like Coq au Vin, were (and still can be) crafted from such crap.

“It’s not about the best ingredients,” Tony ranted, “it’s about taking the second best shit and turning it into something wonderful!”

Think about pots of beans and dandelion greens, and remember, there is hope for a bright culinary future.

As Tony noted: “The engine of gastronomy has always been deprivation.”

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Written by Kate Blood

May 28, 2009 at 10:27 pm

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